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Home loan market in Serbia

Current population debt for home loans and remodeling loans (in EUR billions)

Grafikon koji prikazuje stanje duga stanovništva

Association of Serbian Banks

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  • In Serbia, more than 30,000 people have mortgages.

  • The average approved value of a mortgage is around 40,000 euros.

  • The total value of mortgages in repayment in Serbia is over 2.5 billion euros.

  • More than 100 million euros in mortgages have been disbursed in Serbia in the past 12 months.

Bank interest rate overview on (day):

Note for Effective Interest Rate: Indicative estimates downloaded from bank websites are displayed. The Effective interest rate includes the Nominal  interest rate and all other loan processing costs that banks are obligated to present to the client (such as claim processing fee, insurance, real estate registry (cadastre) office, notary, appraisers, etc.).

Napomena za Efektivnu kamatnu stopu: Prikazane su indikativne procene preuzete sa sajtova banaka. Efektivna kamatna stopa uključuje Nominalnu kamatnu stopu i sve ostale troškove vezane za obradu kredita koje su banke dužne da predstave klijentu (kao što su naknada za obradu zahteva, osiguranje katasatar, notar, procenitelji i td.) .

Napomena za Efektivnu kamatnu stopu: Prikazane su indikativne procene preuzete sa sajtova banaka. Efektivna kamatna stopa uključuje Nominalnu kamatnu stopu i sve ostale troškove vezane za obradu kredita koje su banke dužne da predstave klijentu (kao što su naknada za obradu zahteva, osiguranje katasatar, notar, procenitelji i td.) .

Napomena za Efektivnu kamatnu stopu: Prikazane su indikativne procene preuzete sa sajtova banaka. Efektivna kamatna stopa uključuje Nominalnu kamatnu stopu i sve ostale troškove vezane za obradu kredita koje su banke dužne da predstave klijentu (kao što su naknada za obradu zahteva, osiguranje katasatar, notar, procenitelji i td.) .

Conditions for approval of standard mortgage loans

ikonica zaposlenje

You need to be employed full-time

ikonica primanja

Income that is 2-3 times higher than the monthly instalment

ikonica učešće
Down payment

Money raised for down payment from 10% to 30%

ikonica kreditna istorija
Credit history

Clean credit history without late payments in the last two years

Non-standard mortgage loans

There are several types of non-standard loans in Serbia

Loans Number of banks approving these loans
Home loans for lawyers and other flat-rate tax payers 3
Home loans for the diaspora and non-residents 3
Home loans for construction majority

Key documentation required for approval

Read more about the role of notaries in the process of taking out mortgage loans by clicking here.

Client documentation
Request for a credit product, obtained at the Bank or found on the bank's website
Direct Debit form, usually in two copies (obtained either at the bank or found on the bank’s website). It is certified by the employer's financial services
Employer certificate of employment and income level, obtained from the employer's accounting service
Payment slips for the last 3, or 6 months respectively (depending on the bank), (obtained from the financial services; from the employer)
ID card, passport (client identification document)
Loan insurance claim with mortgage insurance (obtained from the Bank or found on the website)
Property-related documentation
Pre-contract/real estate purchase contract between the seller and the buyera
A real estate title for the property in question (property deed) which can be obtained through the Real Estate Registry (Cadastre) Office (generally no older than 15 days)
A property valuation report from an authorized appraiser (an expert approved by the bank (list) in which you are applying for the loan, in order to determine the market value of the property
Identification document of the seller (ID card, passport) and identification documents of the spouse, if the real estate in question is a marital property
Collateral statement
Mortgage registration certificate

Maximum monthly instalment and loan amount

Monthly income Maximum monthly instalment Maximum mortgage loan amount
€ 300 € 180 € 42,694
€ 400 € 240 € 56,925
€ 500 € 300 € 71,157
€ 600 € 360 € 85,388
€ 700 € 420 € 99,620
€ 800 € 480 € 113,851
€ 900 € 540 € 128,082
€ 1000 € 600 € 142,314
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  • 30-year repayment period, annual interest rate 3%, the client has no other obligations

Mesečna primanja

€ 598

Maksimalna mesečna rata

€ 359

Maksimalni iznos stambenog kredita

€ 85.145

Mortgage loan down payment

According to a decision made by the National Bank of Serbia in 2020, the minimum down payment for mortgage loans in Serbia is 10%. However, most banks still require a 20% down payment

In addition, many banks offer a 0-10% down payment, if the mortgage for the loan is taken out on a property valued at 130% of the loan amount.

Zgrada na stranici stambenog kredita
Loan type Minimal down payment on the market
Home loans in the territory of major cities (e.g., Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Niš) 10-20%
Home loans outside Belgrade 20%
Other standard mortgage loans 20%
Non-standard mortgage loans 20-50%

Process duration

The duration of the loan approval process varies depending on its type. If you are buying new build properties, the banks' loan policies dictate that you must wait for the project to be 80% completed, meaning this can further prolong the process. Below are some informative examples of the mortgage approval process duration in Serbia.

Step Duration in case of a pre-owned property Duration in case of new-build property
Getting an offer through the Kredium application 1 day 1 day
Obtaining documentation required for approval 7 days 15 days
Bank loan approval 7-10 days 7-10 days
Obtaining documentation required for payment 5-10 days 15-20 days
Bank loan pay-out 5 days 5 days
Total 25-35 days 45-60 days
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Mortgage approval costs

Costs Amount in case of a EUR 100,000 loan
Loan processing fee, varies from bank to bank from 0 to 1%
Annual property insurance costs € 50 (annually)
Property title registration € 47
Mortgage collateral registration € 466
Property deed € 8
Total real estate registry (cadastre) office fee € 521
Purchase contract certification € 256
Collateral statement certification € 171
Confirmation of payment of the purchase price with the intabulandi clause € 49
Total notary expenses € 476
Property valuation € 150
Credit Bureau report in Serbia € 2
Promissory notes € 1
Total other costs € 153
Total € 1,200

Read more about loan processing fees here.

Make detailed calculations of your costs using the Kredium calculator.

Mortgage insurance and other insurance policies

Buying a property with a mortgage loan involves the following types of insurances:

Insurance type Insurance coverage Is insurance mandatory?
Property insurance Real Estate Mandatory
NKOSK (State insurance) Home loans It varies from bank to bank
Life insurance Life / Home loan It varies from bank to bank
Private insurance Home loan Optional
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Find out more about mortgage loan insurances here.

Total interest rate for a EUR 100,000 loan

The total amount of interest you will pay during the loan repayment period, depends, among other things, on:

Current interest rate

Repayment period

Repayment period
Interest rate 15 20 25 30
2.40% € 19,175 € 26,009 € 33,077 € 40,373
2.50% € 20,021 € 27,175 € 34,583 € 42,241
2.60% € 20,870 € 28,347 € 36,099 € 44,119
2.70% € 21,723 € 29,526 € 37,624 € 46,012
2.80% € 22,591 € 30,727 € 39,180 € 47,943
2.90% € 23,439 € 31,903 € 40,705 € 49,840
3.00% € 24,303 € 33,101 € 42,261 € 51,774
3.10% € 25,183 € 34,323 € 43,848 € 53,750
3.20% € 26,042 € 35,517 € 45,401 € 55,685
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Create your own mortgage repayment plan via the Kredium calculator

Early mortgage repayment

Žena se priprema za podošenje zahteva za kredit

Most banks charge a 1% early-repayment fee for early-repayment amounts of up to 10,000 euros.

When it is highly likely that clients will be able to repay the loan early in the coming period (due to bonuses, dividends, etc.).

Under standard terms, banks charge a fee for early repayment, in certain cases they can reduce or waive it completely.

Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Loan amount € 100,000 € 80,000 € 60,000 € 40,000 € 20,000 € 0
Early repayment € 0 € 20,000 € 20,000 € 20,000 € 20,000 € 20,000
Early repayment amount for which a fee of 1% is charged € 0 € 10,000 € 10,000 € 10,000 € 10,000 € 10,000
Amount of early-repayment fee € 0 € 100 € 100 € 100 € 100 € 100
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Advantages of using our platform

You save 2-4 days you would otherwise spend in banks

You get advice from our mortgage loan experts

You get at least 3 online home loan offers

You use a detailed simulator of all expenses

You get a completely free service

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When I decided to take out a mortgage, the kind and professional advisers at Kredium were there to help me choose the best offer for myself, as well as to help me understand the whole process of taking out a mortgage loan. I am very pleased with the cooperation with the bank I chose and how easy it was to get the loan. I would always choose the efficient and professional Kredium team.

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Jelena, the adviser, helped me understand what it takes to go through the process of obtaining a loan, which documentation I need to obtain, etc., and to choose the best offer for myself. I'm delighted with the service Kredium offers. I’m so glad you exist!

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Excellent communication, work and cooperation. Kudos for the idea and its execution and kudos to the adviser Marko Matić.

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With a professional and quick approach, the advisers were able not only to find the best loan offer for me, but also to give me precise instructions so that I didn’t need to visit the bank before applying for and signing the contract. Thank you!

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I found out about Kredium through an Internet search engine when I was looking for the best cash loan offer a few months ago. At the time I didn’t meet the employment pre-condition with my current employer but the adviser promised to call me as soon as the conditions were met, and that was exactly what happened. I want to commend their professionalism, kindness and punctuality. Thanks to them and their selfless help, I was able to take out the best loan for myself while alsor eceiving support throughout the entire process from start to finish.

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To say that Kredium was helpful and collaborative would be an understatement! They provided me with the information I needed in less than 24 hours. They saved me so much time that I would have otherwise spent waiting in banks and getting different offers. With Kredium’s help, I not only received quick and accurate information with the best offer tailored to my needs, but I also received consulting support from the very beginning, especially when I would encounter obstacles in applying for a loan. I would like to thank the entire team, especially, Mr. Marko Matić.

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So far, our credit advisers have finalized over:

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Value of processed loans

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