Conditions for a cash loan

Employment Status

Permanent employment or pensioner status

Length of Employment

Minimum of 6 months with the same employer
Minimum of 12 months of total work experience

Credit History

A clean credit history - no delays in loan repayments in the last year, which the bank will verify by checking the credit bureau report

Maximum Loan Installment

Creditworthiness - so that the total monthly obligations - all loan installments, including the new loan, do not exceed 60% of the client's salary. As for the approved overdraft and credit cards, 5% of their limit is included in the calculation of the monthly burden, regardless of whether they are used or not.

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Cash loan calculator

Conditions for approval of non-standard cash loans

Client type Conditions for loan approval
Fixed-term employees Usually, you can get a loan with a repayment period until the expiration of the current employment contract. However, if you are employed in the public sector (military, education, etc.), you may be able to get a loan with a longer repayment period if your employment contract is renewed. If you have worked for the last employer for a minimum of 12 months and have signed a minimum of 3 contracts, and the last contract expires in a minimum of 6 months
Flat-rate taxpayers The basis for calculating creditworthiness can be a salary, tax base, signed contracts with clients, or turnover on the account.
Foreign currency retirees It is important that the pension is deposited into an account in a bank in Serbia.

Bank offers

Bank Procedure for obtaining a loan Loan amount Repayment period Application processing Type of interest rate
OTP Bank Within 24 hours 50.000 - 2.000.000 RSD 13-71 (months) 0% Fixed / variable
NLB Komercijalna banka As soon as possible 3,000,000 RSD 13-71 (months) 0% Fixed / variable
Banca Intesa Within 24 hours 50,000 - 2,000,000 RSD 19-71 (months) 1-2% Fixed / variable
UniCredit bank The offer is valid for clients who receive their salary at UniCredit bank 50.000 - 3.000.000 RSD 12-71 (months) 0% Fixed / variable
Addiko bank In the shortest time possible 30.000 - 3.000.000 RSD 12-71 (months) 0% Fixed/Variable
Raiffeisen bank Possibility of online approval within 30 minutes (requests submitted online, amount up to 600,000 RSD) 10,000 - 2,500,000 RSD 3-70 (months) 1.50% Variable
Erste bank In the shortest time possible 50.000 - 3.000.000 RSD 6-71 (months) 0% Variable
AIK Bank Quick approval process, possibility of payment within 24 hours 36,000 - 3,000,000 RSD 19-71 (months) Fixed 4200 + credit line maintenance Fixed/Variable
ProCredit bank In the shortest possible time 1.200.000 - 3.600.000 RSD 12-60 (months) 0% Variable
Mobi bank In the shortest possible time 60.000 - 600.000 RSD 6-60 (months) 0% Fixed
Postal Savings Bank In the shortest time possible 5.000 - 800.000 RSD 6-36 (months) 1,80 – 2,50% Fixed

Cash Loans for Pensioners

Cash loans for pensioners are granted with or without the requirement of receiving a pension in the bank where the cash loan is applied for. The minimum requirements for cash loans for pensioners are:

  • Pensioner status
  • Minimum monthly pension of 18,000 RSD
  • Minimum age of 55 at the time of application
  • Maximum age of 80 at the time of the last loan installment repayment
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Documentation for Cash Loan

Loan Application

Loan application for the loan product can be obtained at the bank or found on the bank's website.

AZ Form

AZ form – Administrative garnishment, usually in duplicate (obtained at the bank or found on the bank's website). It is certified in the financial department of the employer.

Employer's Certificate

Employer's certificate regarding employment status and income, obtained from the employer's accounting department


Payslips for the last 3 or 6 months (depending on the bank), (obtained from the financial service; from the employer)

ID Document

ID card, passport (client's identification document)

Bank statements

Bank statements for the last 3 or 6 months


Interest Rate for Cash Loans

Refinancing a housing loan can be realized using the following loans and interest rates:


The fixed interest rate for cash loans remains unchanged throughout the loan repayment.


The variable or adjustable interest rate for cash loans changes during the loan repayment depending on changes in BELIBOR

The maximum loan amount and monthly installment based on the income level

Monthly income Maximum monthly income Maximum loan amount
€400 €160 €7.700
€500 €250 €11.900
€600 €330 €15.300
€700 €385 €18.700
€800 €440 €21.200
€900 €490 €23.800

Kredium Process

Open an Account

Open an account by filling out the registration form on the Kredium website.

Fill out the Questionnaire

Before applying for a loan, complete the questionnaire with your information.

Review Offers

After applying, you will receive loan offers from banks for further application.


Kredium schedules a meeting with a specific bank for you.

Duration of the cash loan acquisition process

Step Duration
Gathering Offers through the Kredium Application 1 - 5 days
Gathering Documentation for Approval 1 day
Approval at the Bank and Loan Disbursement 1 - 5 days
Total 3 - 9 days

Costs for loan approval

Costs Amount in RSD
Loan Amount 500
Loan processing fee, depends on the bank from 0-3% (0-15,000)
Credit bureau report costs 246
Promissory Notes 50
Total (with a processing fee of 1%) 5,296

Collateral for a cash loan

The following are used as collateral for a cash loan:

  • Blank promissory notes (More details about promissory notes what they are and how to fill them out)
  • Administrative restraint
  • Insurance policy (covers the borrower's life insurance, insurance in case of job loss, temporary incapacity to work due to an accident, or permanent disability due to an accident)
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Early repayment of a cash loan

Most banks charge 1 percent of the prematurely repaid amount if the period between early repayment and the agreed term is longer than one year, or 0.5 percent of the prematurely repaid amount if this period is shorter than one year.

No fee is charged if the total early repayment amount is equal to or less than 1,000,000 dinars.

Example Example 1 Example 2
Amount 1,300,000 RSD 800,000 RSD
Early Repayment Amount 2,000,000 RSD 2,000,000 RSD
Amount on Which Fee is Calculated 300,000 RSD 0 RSD
Fee 1% 0%
Early Repayment Fee Amount 3,000 RSD 0 RSD

Loan Refinancing

Loan refinancing is a good choice if you want to reduce the interest rate or extend the loan repayment period. This way, you will reduce your existing monthly installment, with the possibility of receiving additional funds.

A loan for refinancing is used to:
Repay an existing loan prematurely
Settle obligations on credit cards
Settle obligations related to an approved overdraft
Pay off remaining lease installment payments or
If you want a loan for refinancing, it's important to:
Compare offers from different banks, either independently or with the help of the Kredium platform, which guarantees you a fast, efficient, and reliable assessment.
Compare the amount of the monthly installment you have with the loan you are already repaying with the one you will have with the refinancing loan.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Cash Loans

How can I get a cash loan?
If you are employed indefinitely, have had no delays in repaying credit obligations in the past 12 months, and have satisfactory creditworthiness, the basic requirements for loan approval are a minimum of 12 months of total work experience, 6 months with the last existing employer, a clean credit history without any recorded late payments (delays longer than 60 days reported in the credit bureau) in the past 12 months (or currently active, unpaid debts on credit products), and satisfactory projected creditworthiness
What is the maximum income burden for cash loans?
The maximum allowed income burden for cash loans is 60%. This means that the installment for a cash loan must not exceed 60% of your monthly income. Register through our website, and we will help you apply for a cash loan and find the best offer in Serbia, all free of charge.
Which bank offers the most favorable cash loans?
The most favorable cash loan offer depends on many factors, so it's essential to consult experts on loans.
Kredium advisors will compare offers from all banks and present the most favorable one according to your needs, all for free. Just register through the website or contact us at 066 / 68 68 986
I already have one loan; can I take out an additional cash loan?
It is possible if the total loan installment does not burden more than 60% of your monthly income.
Register through our website or contact us so we can assist you in the process of applying for a cash loan and finding the most favorable offer.
Can I get a cash loan after being in permanent employment for 3 months?
Certain banks approve cash loans for individuals who have been in permanent employment for 3 months. The basic requirements you must meet are: A minimum of 3 months of continuous employment with the same employer. A minimum of 12 months of the company's existence where you work. A minimum age of 18 at the time of applying for the loan. Register through our website or contact us so we can find the most favorable cash loan offer for you, all free of charge.
What are the conditions for a cash loan for fixed-term employees?
The basic requirements for applying for a cash loan for fixed-term employees are:
  1. Employment on a fixed-term contract for a minimum of 12 months
  2. Minimum salary of 23,000 RSD
  3. Minimum of 3 signed contracts
  4. Minimum 18 years of age at the time of application
  5. Employment in a company that has been in operation for at least 12 months
  6. A clean credit bureau record

Register through our website or contact us to find the best cash loan offer for you, and this service is free of charge
Cash loan for self-employed individuals?
In that case, it is necessary that:
  • The company has been in existence for a minimum of 18 months
  • The company has been generating income for a minimum of 6 months
  • The company meets the requirements set by the banks

Our experienced loan advisors will assist you in applying for a loan and finding the most favorable offer according to your needs.
Is it mandatory to transfer foreign pension to the bank where I apply for a cash loan?
The conditions you must meet to apply for a cash loan with a foreign pension are as follows:
  • Transfer the pension to a foreign currency account at the bank where you are applying for the loan.
  • Deposit one pension into the account before applying for the loan.
  • When submitting the application, it is necessary to provide a translated decision from the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund (PIO Fund).
  • If you are switching from one bank to another, you need to provide a translated and certified statement of transactions on the foreign currency account for the last 6 months.
  • Minimum pension amount of 250 EUR.
  • There is the possibility of consolidating Serbian and foreign pensions.
What are the conditions for a cash loan for retirees?
The conditions you must meet are:
  • Pension of at least 18,000 dinars
  • Credit burden of up to 60%
  • Repayment of the last loan installment by the age of 80
What is the age limit for a cash loan?
The maximum age at the time of the last installment of the cash loan is 80 years.

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