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Conditions for housing loans


You need to be in permanent employment


Income that is 2–3 times higher than the monthly installment

Down Payment

Collected funds for a down payment of 10 to 30%

Credit History

A clean credit history with no delays in the last two years

Work Experience

A minimum of one year of work experience

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Non-standard housing loans

There are several types of non-standard loans in Serbia. Send us an inquiry for more information.

Loans Number of banks offering these loans
Housing loans for lawyers and other lump sum taxpayers 3
Housing loans for the diaspora and non-residents 3
Construction housing loans 2

Documentation for housing loans

Client documentation
  • Application for the loan product, obtained from the Bank or can be found on the bank's website
  • AZ form – Administrative attachment, usually in two copies (obtained from the Bank or can be found on the bank's website). It is certified in the employer's financial department
  • Employer's certificate of employment, income level, obtained from the employer's payroll department
  • Calculations, payslips for the last 3 or 6 months (depending on the bank), (obtained from the financial department; from the employer)
  • ID card, passport (client's identification document)
  • Application for loan insurance at NKOSK (obtained from the Bank or can be found on the website)
Documentation related to the property
  • Preliminary/sales contract for the real estate between the seller and the buyer
  • Cadastral excerpt for the specific property (ownership certificate) obtainable through the Real Estate Cadastre Service (usually not older than 15 days)
  • Appraiser's report for the property by an authorized appraiser (from the expert list approved by the bank where the loan is being requested), for the assessment of the market value of the property
  • Seller's identification document (ID card, passport) and personal documents of the spouse if the property is marital property
  • Pledge statement
  • Mortgage registration certificate
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Maximum loan amount and monthly installment relative to income level

Monthly income Regenerate Maximum housing loan amount
€500 €250 €41.958
€600 €300 €49.950
€700 €350 €57.945
€800 €400 €67.932
€900 €450 €75.924
€1.000 €500 €83.916
€2.000 €1000 €168.000
€3.000 €1500 €251.000

Down payment for a housing loan

According to the decision of the National Bank of Serbia from 2020, the minimum down payment for housing loans in Serbia is 10%. However, most banks still require a down payment of 20%

In addition, with many banks, there is a possibility for the down payment to be 0-10% if the collateral for the loan is a property whose value is 130% of the loan

Loan Type Minimum down payment in the market
Housing loans in major cities (e.g., Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Niš) 10-20%
Housing loans outside Belgrade 30%
Other standard housing loans 20%
Non-standard housing loans 30-50%

How long does the approval of a housing loan take

If you are buying a property in a new building, you may need to wait until the building is 80% complete according to the credit policies of the banks, which can further extend the process. Below are illustrative examples of the duration of the approval process for housing loans.

Step Existing Building
Collecting offers through the Kredium application 1 day
Collecting documentation required for approval 7 days
Approval of the loan by the bank 7-10 days
Collecting documentation required for disbursement 5-10 days
Loan disbursement by the bank 5 days
Total 25-35 days
Step New Building
Collecting offers through the Kredium application 1 day
Collecting documentation required for approval 15 days
Approval of the loan by the bank 7-10 days
Collecting documentation required for disbursement 15-20 days
Loan disbursement by the bank 5 days
Total 45-60 days

Housing loan approval costs

Costs Amount for a loan of €100,000
Loan processing fee, varies by bank 0-1%
Property insurance costs annually €50 (annually)
Property ownership registration €47
Mortgage registration €466
Property list €8
Cadastral fees total €521
Sale contract notarization €256
Mortgage statement notarization €171
Certificate of payment of the purchase price with an intabulandi clause €49
Cadastral fees total €476
Property Appraisal €150
Credit Bureau Report in Serbia €2
Promissory Notes €1
Cadastral Fees Total €153
Total €1,200

NKOSK Insurance and Other Insurances

Type of Insurance Subject of Insurance Is Insurance Mandatory?
Property Insurance Real Estate Mandatory
NKOSK (state insurance) Housing Loans Varies by bank
Life Insurance Life / Housing Loans Varies by bank
Private Insurance Housing Loans Optional

Costs of NKOSK Insurance

The costs of the insurance premium with NKOSK range from 1.5% to 3.5%. The calculation and amount of the NKOSK insurance premium depend solely on:

  • Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio (you can read more about the LTV ratio calculation here)
  • Property registration
  • Life insurance policies
  • Maximum loan indebtedness
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Total amount of interest for a housing loan of €100,000

The total interest amount you will pay during the loan repayment period depends, among other factors, on:

The interest rate

The loan term

Interest rate Loan term
15 years 20 years 25 years 30 years
5.76% €49.570 €68.637 €88.913 €110.315
6.26% €54.434 €75.563 €98.086 €121.892
7.19% €63.707 €88.819 €115.684 €144.120
7.24% €64.214 €89.545 €116.649 €145.339
7.28% €64.620 €90.127 €117.422 €146.316
7.42% €66.045 €92.170 €120.139 €149.748
7.48% €66.658 €93.049 €121.307 €151.224
7.51% €66.964 €93.489 €121.892 €151.964
8.48% €77.042 €107.974 €141.164 €176.299

Early repayment of a home loan

  • Most banks charge a fee for early loan repayment of 1% for early repayment amounts exceeding €10,000
  • In situations where there is a high probability that clients will be able to repay the loan early in the near future (due to receiving bonuses, dividends, etc.), banks typically charge a commission for early repayment
  • However, in individual cases, they may reduce or waive it
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Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Loan Amount €100.000 €80.000 €60.000 €40.000 €20.000 €0
Early Repayment €0 €20.000 €20.000 €20.000 €20.000 €20.000
Amount of Early Repayment Subject to 1% Fee €0 €10.000 €10.000 €10.000 €10.000 €10.000
Amount of Early Repayment Fee €0 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100

Frequently Asked Questions

Which bank offers the most favorable home loan?
The most favorable home loan offer depends on several factors such as your income, down payment, interest rates, and more. That's why it's important to consult with experienced loan experts who will consider all these circumstances. Our advisors will compare offers from all banks in Serbia for free and find the best home loan offer tailored to your needs. Submit a request on our website or contact us at 066 / 68 68 988 to receive an offer within 24 hours.
What are the requirements for applying for a home loan?
The basic requirements for applying for a home loan include stable employment, a clean credit history, and creditworthiness. Register through our website, and we will compare offers from all banks for free and find the most favorable one according to your needs.
Can I get a home loan without a down payment?
A down payment is mandatory, usually amounting to a minimum of 20% of the total loan amount. It's possible to put an additional property under mortgage as a substitute for the down payment. The total value of the property you put under mortgage and the property you are buying must be higher than the loan amount by at least 30%. Please contact our experienced loan advisors, and we will select the most favorable home loan offer for you at no cost.
Can I get a home loan with a 10% down payment?
To qualify for a 10% down payment, you need to meet specific requirements:
  1. The property you're purchasing must be your first property.
  2. The property must be located in the broader city center.
  3. Your monthly income must be greater than 60,000 RSD.

Feel free to reach out to our experienced loan advisors, and we'll assist you completely free of charge with the home loan application process and finding the most favorable offer.
What is the maximum income burden for a home loan?
The maximum allowed income burden for home loans is 60%.
Simply register on our website, and we will find the most favorable personalized home loan offer for you.
What is the age limit for home loans?
You need to be at least 23 years old when applying for a home loan, with a maximum age of 72 at the time of the last loan installment repayment.
Can I buy property abroad with a loan?
If you own real estate in Serbia, you can potentially get a loan by mortgaging that real estate and, on that basis, get a loan from a bank in Serbia to finance the purchase of real estate abroad.
Is Kredium a bank?
We are not a bank, but we collaborate with a number of banks, compare various loan offers, and find the most favorable one for you, saving you time. Simply register through our website for the best home loan offer.
Are Kredium services free?
Our services in the field of loans and loan counseling are free. The costs are covered by the bank whose offer the client chooses.

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