Everything you need for buying an apartment on credit in one place

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Kredium is an innovative platform that, with the help of a dedicated team of advisors and technology, elevates the experience of buying an apartment on credit to a higher level and ensures that you make your purchase on the most favorable terms in the market.

Forget about going from bank to bank and comparing loan conditions. We find the most favorable loans for you, compare financing conditions from multiple banks for you, and assist in finding the right bank and offer for a home loan, all completely free of charge.

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How Kredium Helps You

Real Estate

I need help finding real estate.

Home Loans

I've found real estate, and I need a home loan offer.

Home Loans for the Diaspora

I live abroad and need a home loan to buy real estate in Serbia.

Personal Loans

I want to take out a personal loan or refinance an existing personal loan.

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